Bioclim variables and nodata value


I've been using DIVA to make up some bioclim variables for future climate scenarios, and it works really well.

I do have one concern though. When I get to the stage of making the .clm file all the input asciis (prec, tmin, tmax) are uniform with the no_data value = -9999. Once the climate information is extracted from them the scale of the data rage appears to change for the output bioclim .grd / .gri. When exported to ESRI ascii, some are nodata= 0, some are -999.somethin and others are -25037 (or something like that).

Now, every data set i produce with DIVA gives me the same range for a particular variable. so comparing DIVA-made bioclim with DIVA-made bioclim layers works fine. I can build models and project.

The only thing is, my other layers are all uniform with the -9999 for no data etc. When I project to the BIOCLIM layers from my other layers, im getting no results.

So, i see there are 2 possibilities for this;

1.) Is there a way I can produce uniform scale ranges for my new bioclim layers?
2.) Do I go back and build all my layers with DIVA (a bit annoying since I have quite a few ready to go that were downloaded)