To do list

This is the to-do list for DIVA-GIS. It is list of bugs that should be (will be!) fixed and of functionality that would be nice to have, but there is no guarantee that it will be implemented. I will try to implement something fancier soon, but you can leave your suggestions in the forum or contact form
Description Type Requested by Date Priority
Support more grid formats (erdas, esri, tiff) via gdal Improvement Gerald/Robert 21 Sep 2009 very high
Option to increase the resolution of the map when exported from the Design tab. Improvement bluecucumber779 8 Aug 2009 High
Option to use a "count" field in point to grid Improvement Ken Sheu 1 Sep 2009 High
Change projection of grid files Improvement Pablo GarcĂ­a 28 Oct 2009 High
Explain better how to make clm files Improvement (program & manual) Anonymous 19 Aug 2009 high
Add database based point layers (expand what is in import from Access) Improvement Jonathan Fresnedo 24 Aug 2009 medium
Impart and save legend properties for shapefiles Improvement anonymous (on forum) 2 Oct 2009 medium
Provide good graticule value labels (in map and design) Improvement Anonymous 25 Oct 2009 high
Shift shapefile does not work Bug Daniel Sayer 5 Jan 2010 high
Import of large point text files crashes (unlike in previous versions) Bug Keith Willmott 25 Jan 2010 very high
In Extract by point, add results as shapefile option Improvement me 17 Dec 2011 medium
Allow for setting a default climate dataset Improvement Prem Mathur 17 Dec 2011 medium