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Training manual

New: The Scheldeman and Van Zonneveld (Bioversity International) Training Manual on Spatial Analysis of Plant Diversity and Distribution.

Basic mapping and GIS techniques using DIVA-GIS, by Chris Legg, IITA - handout: English, French - data


Download the tutorial (pdf) and the accompanying data.
Some help with climate data, niche modeling, and clm files. By Julian Ramirez and Aaron Bueno-Cabrera.


Diversity of wild potatoes - handout - data

Modeling the distribution of wild peanuts (Arachis spp.) - handout - data

Examples of DIVA-GIS use

A new list of research articles citing DIVA-GIS.

Frequently Asked Questions


Short paper (pdf) describing DIVA-GIS 1.4 (from the Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter)
A review paper about the use of GIS in plant genetic resources conservation
A PowerPoint presentation about data cleaning and a discussion species occurrence data quality, cleaning and uses by Arthur Chapman
Paper about data bias, and data cleaning